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We have Partner in our name because that's how we work.  We work in partnership with our clients.

You can pick and choose from any of the elements below and we will work with you to help.  

Or of course, you can also just give us the vacancy and we can run with it, just like your standard agency.

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Role Definition

The preparation for talent acquisition is almost as key as the recruitment itself.  We work with you to look at your current situation and define what role you actually need within your business, creating a job description and person specification to match that need.

Or maybe you don't actually need a new employee.  Perhaps you just need an independent expert to look at what you already have and how the talented people you already employ can be better utilised according to their skills and capabilities.

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Attracting Candidates

Whether it's creating a catchy advert which will give you the best responses or pro-actively headhunting for that perfect person, we are right here to lend our marketing expertise.


Application Process

This can be completely overwhelming!  You may have hundreds of applications, CVs and queries.  It can be extremely time-consuming and if it's not handled well, it can leave a bad view of your company externally.

Or maybe you don't have enough applications and are unsure where to go or how to move forward.  Let us take the pressure off - from both a time perspective and ensuring a positive experience for all.


Candidate Selection

Who do I want to interview?  Are they the right person?  Selecting the right candidates for interview can be a tricky process.  Interviewing takes time and you want to ensure that you are shortlisting the right people for your role.  We have extensive experience of going through CVs and applications and in addition, we will also talk to all of the shortlisted candidates prior to recommending them for interview, just to be sure.



Interviewing with a recruitment expert is such a necessity these days.  From a diversity, inclusion and equality element to ensuring that you are undertaking the same interview process with each candidate.  It's also so much better to have an expert second opinion.

We can support with interviewing and any assessment or profiling stages you undertake.  

And then there's the feedback.  No-one likes telling someone that they haven't got the job.  Let us do that for you, in a positive way.



Did you know that 33% of new hires look for a job within their first 6 months?  Or that organisations with an effective onboarding programme increase retention by 82%?

Onboarding is key to the success of your new hire.  Whether they are office-based, remote, in a factory or the open air.  We work with you to develop an effective onboarding plan.  We can even deliver it!

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