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Bespoke Talent Partners

We're not just recruitment, we're not just talent, we're here to work with you to make your business better,

from a talent perspective. 

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Let's give you some examples:

  • A member of your team resigns.  Your automatic go-to is to replace them like-for-like.  But is that what you really need?  Do you need anyone at all?  That's where the talent acquisition process starts. 

  • At the other end of the spectrum, you have a new employee and you need to keep them. There are some scary statistics out there around employee retention in the first 12 months.  Onboarding has a huge impact on your business.  You've spent all that time and effort recruiting the right person, so retaining them is key.

  • Perhaps you're finding it difficult to recruit a specific skill or role.  So let's plan ahead.  Build a path to gain those skills within your company.  Sometimes it's cheaper and more efficient (and certainly more beneficial for staff retention) if you spend the money training and working with an existing employee.  

We can work with you in all of those scenarios. 


Here's a little bit more about us:


  • we tailor our services specifically to you

  • don't want the whole, traditional recruitment process?  That's fine.  It's down to you how much we get involved

  • want a clear, honest approach?  We're not here to give you the spiel, we're here to help.  Honesty is our policy



  • people are talent.  Everyone has a talent in something, even if it's just singing in the shower!

  • people are our business, whether we're working with our clients to establish their recruitment needs or finding that perfect fit



  • we're not a traditional agency.  In fact, we wouldn't describe ourselves as an agency at all.  We're here to be your partner.  To work with you to achieve your talent goals, whether you're a large company with an existing in-house recruitment function or a small company who could do with some expert help.


Bespoke Talent Partners takes a more personal approach, setting us apart from other staffing services. We appreciate that sometimes you don't need help with the whole recruitment lifecycle or you just simply don't have the budget to use an agency to recruit for you.  Therefore, we have split the whole recruitment process and you can dip in or out of any areas where you need help.  And we charge accordingly, so you're only paying for what you use.  We will work with you to come up with a plan that fits with you and your business. 

 Take a look at our features and let us take the pressure off.


07532 757888

Thanks for contacting us, we'll be in contact shortly.

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